Hey, I’m Nikki ● Feminist blogger, living clean with chronic illness ● I live in Suffolk [UK] with my partner Tarron {my big spoon} and cat sidekick Izzie {our littlest spoon} ● I love simple vegan cooking, good health and bad language ●


What Happened?

I started this site because in March 2017 I became unwell. But no one knew why. I experienced an onset of widespread pain, syncope, nausea and vomiting, light-headedness, and a heart-rate that was so alarming fast, I was convinced it wouldn’t keep going.

In the following months: I was signed off work managing a holistic retreat centre and began to feel like I was losing myself completely. But – despite seeing numerous GPs, having countless tests, multiple trips to A&E, a lengthy hospital stay and having to stay with my Dad as I was no longer able to do things for myself – I was offered no treatment.

From the onset of my ‘illness’ I researched my own symptoms. And after three months of searching I thought I may have found an answer: ‘Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome’ {aka. POTS}. I took the diagnosis I suspected, as well as some photographic evidence, to my GP and was admitted to the hospital for investigation; But I found that some practitioners didn’t believe in it and some said it couldn’t cause the symptoms I was experiencing. So even after the diagnosis was confirmed was no follow up.

In November 2017, after an uphill mental and physical struggle, requesting refferals myself and paying for private consultation, I was finally diagnosed with POTS, hEDS, fibromyalgia and MCAS.



Before all of this nonsense, I was in recovery already; 5 years clean and sober, passionate about clean and vegan eating and practicing Yoga and meditation.

But this year I have become much more serious about it all. Funny that!

Having been offered medication and receiving little advice on salt and water intake, as well as excerise – I started my own personal journey to try everything I can to find some sort of recovery, without welcoming any chemicals into my body.

I am inviting you along for the ride. So far I’ve adopted a plant-based diet, free from refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, & chemical nasties, and have began treatment with accupunture, gentle excerise, massage and aromatherapy.



Little Spoonie is for ● Anyone who is, or loves someone who is, living with chronic illness ● Anyone looking for more information on living well with chronic health conditions ● People who fiercely love their health ● People who love delicious vegan food and don’t mind getting healthy ● Conscious clean eaters ●


When I was intially diagnosed I had so many questions and felt completely lost; If you have any questions at all please get in touch via our contact form, on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.